Hi, I’m Tony Collins-Fogarty…

In 2015, I started a journey of solo travel.  I used to think, “no-one goes on holiday on their own!”.  Then I was encouraged (relentlessly) to go to Lyon in France for an acting class.  This time I had a reason to go, and would meet people there that I knew, so it seemed like a good compromise.  I flew via Switzerland, spending the day in Geneva, picking up a cheap end-of-skiing-season outbound flight.  I came back by TGV to Paris, and then Eurostar.

Not only did I love the trip, but when I got home and reflected, I realised that I’d managed two countries, trains, planes, buses and more, and the sky didn’t fall in.  It was perfectly doable. I was perfectly capable.

So then I went to Brussels, Strasbourg, Stuttgart, Montpellier, Perpignan, Beziers, Malaga, Copenhagen, Malmo, Berlin, Lisbon, Bordeaux, Seville and more.

I’ve talked ‘at’ people passionately about my journeys, offering weird tips and advice.  My 30 years in media has given me a sense of nosiness and pedantry.  I’m your details man.  Some suggested I should write it down.   So here it is.